PokeBault Custom Mystery Power Packs

PokeBault Custom Mystery Power Packs

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Get this awesome Custom Mystery Power Box!  These come with 1:10 chance in getting a vintage pack, which is twice as likely as the ones sold in department stores such as Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart! Shipping included in price. 

Inside each Custom Mystery Power Box you get:

5 Pokemon TCG Booster Packs

-Boosters from any series XY and onward to current set

1 Mystery Bonus Item from 1 of the possible following:

- 1 Preview / Sample Pack

- Ultra Rare Card

- Holofoil

- 2 TCGO Code Cards

- Vintage Holofoil

- Collectible Coin

- Collectible Pin

Vintage packs include the following:

-Base Set

- Team Rocket
- Gym Heroes 
-Gym Challenge

This item is my first test run! More will be made once these are sold out, and additional vintage packs will be added! Throwback Packs will also be included from Black and White, Diamond & Pearl, Platinum to increase chances of more older sets. 

Once throwback packs are added ratio will be 1:5 for a throwback and 1:10 for a vintage!

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