There are many steps that are required in order to sell or trade your bulk in.  We will have a series where we will go in depth about what bulk buyers like, and some tips and tricks for sorting, packaging, and shipping your bulk.  

The general overview for the steps to sell bulk are:
    1. Sort your cards out by rarity
    2. Bundle the cards in groups of 100
    3. Count how many bundles of each rarity you have
    4. Contact a representative or store to sell your bulk to
    5. Find a suitable box to ship the cards in, and make sure shipping rates are appropriate. 
    6. Confirm deal with rep
    7. Ship the cards
These steps might happen in different orders (for example, you might already have a representative that you will deal with, or might have a box to ship your cards in before you even start sorting your cards. 

Some do's and don'ts when selling or trading bulk

    • Sort your cards by rarity
    • Wrap your cards securely
    • Follow any instructions or additional steps that your rep asks you to do
    • Include a piece of paper in the box, containing your info (to be discussed later)
    • Tape up the box to ensure the box can not break in transit
    • Fill the box with paper or packing materials so the cards do not move around, or the box does not get crushed in transit.
    • Use elastics to bundle the cards
    • Put the cards loose into the box

General rules for selling bulk
    • All cards must be English, and in near mint condition.  This means minimal whiting, and cards are in good condition. 
    • Older set cards must not have discolouration and be easily distinguished by looking at them amongst a group of cards in nm/pack fresh conditions.
      • Failure to follow these terms might result in the cards being disposed of or shipped to the seller at the sellers expense.  It will be up to the representative or company that you are working with.