Solgaleo GX - Sun & Moon - 143/149

Solgaleo GX - Sun & Moon - 143/149

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Solgaleo-GX Metal 250 HP
Stage 2 Evolves from Cosmoem

Ability: Ultra Road
 Once during your turn (before your attack), you may switch your Active Pokémon with one of your Benched Pokémon.

[M][M][C] Sunsteel Strike: 230 damage. Discard all Energy from this Pokémon.

[M] Sol Burst GX: Search your deck for up to 5 Energy cards and attach them to your Pokémon in any way you like. (You can t use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)

Pokémon-GX rule: When your Pokémon-GX is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Fire ×2
Resistance: Psychic -20
Retreat Cost: 3

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