1. Sword & Shield Superbowl 54 Football Squares - Game 1

Sword & Shield Superbowl 54 Football Squares - Game 1

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Superbowl 54 Football Squares Game 1
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Super Bowl 54 Pokémon Squares:

On February 2nd, 2020 the Kansas City Chiefs will go up against the San Francisco 49ers .  Now you say to yourself "Now what does this have to do with Pokémon" and the answer is EVERYTHING!

Here's how this works.  This product for $5 is for (1) Booster Pack of the upcoming Sword & Shield TCG set.  By purchasing product you receive 1 square out of 100 available in a Football Square Pool.  The link to how this works is below:


There will be 4 bonuses of additional prizes and here is how it will play out:

1st Quarter: 14 Additional Sword & Shield Booster Packs
2nd Quarter: 14 Additional 
Sword & Shield Booster Packs
3rd Quarter: 14 Additional 
Sword & Shield Booster Packs
4th Quarter: (1) Sealed Booster Box of Sword & Shield - 36 packs

If game goes into Overtime, the winner of the 4th Quarter and the Final Score will split the booster box with 18 packs each.

You may purchase as many Booster Packs you want at $5 each up until all 100 are sold.  Shipping is included with all purchases.  Once all 100 are sold, I will randomly place your name(s) in a 10x10 grid and send you an image of the whole grid.  On Superbowl Sunday (February 2nd), I will use a random number generator to assign numbers 0-9 to each Row and Column and send you the final image.  If the ending numbers of the score of the game matches your numbers at the end of each quarter, you will get the bonuses mentioned above.  You can technically win ALL BONUSES if the scores end up right.

All product will be shipped the week following the football game after the set has released on February 7th.  Enjoy!

If this game fills up fast, then a 2nd game will be created.

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