Jaymee Awesome

Jaymee Awesome

All the way back in 1999, when I was still in High School, this new game for GameBoy came out.It was oddly named Pokemon. It came in two colors and I was intrigued on why they would release 2 versions of the same game.

I went to Toys R Us and that's when my Pokemon adventure began. It started with the GameBoy games, but then turned into little plastic action figures. From there I found all the Pokemon plush being everywhere. Then it was a pack of trading cards.These weren't just any trading cards, but these were ones that would change my life. The Pokemon TCG was huge and I just got my first job. When you're in High School there is not much in bills that you have, so I put all mine into Pokemon.

What started then has blossomed into what you see here.It's been a 15+ year journey, but unlike Ash Ketchum, I actually have grown up.Now into my 30's, I have the power and the ability to spread the joy of Pokemon to others. This is an expensive hobby, but I now can take my massive collection and make it available to others at a much lower cost.

As long as I have Pokemon cards available to me, The Awesome Couple will be available to you. Thank you for checking out the website and please take advantage of the great deals we have for you.

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