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Tesla vs Edison: Power Up! (Expansion)*
Tesla vs Edison: Power Up! (Expansion)*

Tesla vs Edison: Power Up! (Expansion)*

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Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up! expands the world of our smash-hit game Tesla vs. Edison! This first expansion is loaded with upgrades that amplify the epic War of Currents to new levels:

  • Build a Headquarters. Each inventor can develop their own custom Lab, Works, Office, and Studio which offer special abilities and bonus points.
  • Experience Historical Events. 21 different cards bring to life the history of the War of Currents with thrilling opportunities and devastating calamities that make each turn unique.
  • AIs for Solo or Group Play. Custom AI decks, each with TWO difficulty settings - an Ada Lovelace side and a Charles Babbage side - are included for all six Inventors in the expansion. Play solitaire against 1-5 AIs or add AIs for additional challenge in 2+ player games.
  • Welcome a 6th Inventor, Madam C.J. Walker. Another option to choose, and enables you to play a 6-player game!
  • Female Luminaries. Six other brilliant and pioneering women of the time serve as Luminaries and spice things up in the War of Currents.
  • New propaganda cards. Six cards commemorating the U.S Presidents of the period.

Tesla vs. Edison: Powering Up! is an expansion and requires a copy of the Tesla vs. Edison base game to play.

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