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Brass: Birmingham
Brass: Birmingham

Brass: Birmingham

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Brass: Birmingham tells the story of competing entrepreneurs in the West Midlands during England's Industrial Revolution, between the years of 1770-1870.


Brass: Birmingham features a deceptively straightforward rule set which creates interesting gameplay dynamics including a highly innovative variable turn order system and robust gift economy. Unlike its predicessor, Brass: Birmingham features a dynamic board setup, making each game unfold completely differently each time you play.

Brass: Birmingham features meticulously crafted illustrations by Damien Mammoliti and Mr. Cuddington, elegant graphic design, and high quality components.

If you’ve played Brass in the past, learning how to play Birmingham will be a snap as it uses most of the same core ruleset. But Brass: Birmingham creates an entirely new and unique experience from its predecessor with a new mechanics, new industries, and new strategies waiting for you to discover.

  • One of the highest rated board games on boardgamegeek.com

  • A finely brewed full stand-alone sequel to the original game

  • Dynamic board setup makes each game unfold completely differently

  • Core rules stay true to the original

  • New canal/rail scoring creates tactics in where you place them

  • 3 new industry types include Breweries, Potteries and Manufactured goods

  • New actions, mechanics and strategies to discover

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