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Dead of Winter
Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter

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Dead of Winter
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The snow lies thick and heavy on the ground, but that hasn’t stopped the dead who prowl the town and clatter against the walls of your colony. You’re only safe behind the walls, but you need the supplies outside… and can you really trust your fellow survivors? Even if they’re not crazy, or trying to burn the colony to the ground, everyone has something they can’t live without.

Dead of Winter is a story-centric board game that puts you and up to four other players together in the tortured aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. The dead are pushing in on every side, but mere survival is not enough. You’ll have to venture beyond the confines of the colony to gather vital supplies, resolve crises, keep up morale, and fulfill your own secret objective. Whether you plan to betray the colony or lead it to safety, you can’t trust anyone. Everyone has a secret…

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