PTCGO Trading: How to Get the PTCGO Cards You Want

Guide to Trading PTCGO Cards

If you want to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game in the traditional manner, you simply have to go to the store and pick up a pack of cards. The same goes for the trading itself. If you want to trade with a fellow player, you just show each other what you have and take the card(s) by hand. However, in Pokémon: The Trading Card Game Online (PTCGO), the cards are virtual. You will need different methods to acquire those cards. The same goes for trading.

As you can see in the names of the game, exchanging cards is an essential element of Pokémon in all of its incarnations. To become a true master in the online version, you will need to learn how to make the most out of each action and transaction. Here is an introductory guide to PTCGO trading.

How PTCGO Trading Works

For those who are still new to PTCGO, here is a quick recap of how everything works. Players get started by getting physical cards from the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Each pack comes with its own code, which you can enter onto the PTCGO website. Upon doing so, you will receive the same pack in digital form. You can then use the pack in the virtual version of the card game. Registering will also give you a starter deck.

PTCGO consists of a variety of game modes, such as tournaments, one-on-one matches, and Trainer Challenge. Your cards can be played in any of these modes. You have options if you do not wish to play with the cards in your current collection — starter decks tend to be pretty weak. In that case, there is a trade system where you can sift through offers and make some offers yourself. If you come to an agreement, the cards you offered will be replaced with whatever they offered in exchange.

Knowing Your Cards’ Worth

Every PTCGO card and deck has a certain value in relation to other cards and decks. Some decks are basically worthless, while some cards are individually worth several decks. Some people on the trade system understand this quite well and scheme to rip off those who do not know better — or are simply desperate. When you plan to make a trade, you need to make sure that you are not giving up too much for too little gain.

How do you stop yourself from getting ripped off? Entire websites are dedicated to tracking the value of the massive assortment of cards. Perhaps the most notable resource is PTCGO Guide, which frequently updates their information to reflect the current state of the meta. Every single trade, by nature, involves losing something in your possession. Keeping this information handy, and picking it up until you have somewhat memorized it, will keep you from being the loser in any trade.

Strategizing and Trading Up

If you cannot find any remotely satisfying offers on the trade system, you could always make your own post. People just might want what you have, even if what you have seems worthless to you. Plus, even if they do not have what you want, they might give you something valuable. You could then offer what they give you to someone else at a slightly higher cost. This practice is called flipping. Savvy PTCGO players can rapidly burn through cards and decks, and they stand to make some serious gains in no time flat.

Ideally, you should make as many offers as possible to increase the chances of people cutting deals with you. This is where playing the other game modes can come in handy. If you do well against other players in tournaments or one-on-one matches, you can win cards for free and offer them for trade. This method may take more time than flipping, but you can definitely flip the cards that you win. You should keep an eye out for highly valuable cards, particularly playable Trainers and rarities from older packs. Some players are willing to barter multiple decks just for one of those.

Getting PTCGO Codes Outside of PTCGO

Trading can be a lucrative way to build up your deck, but there are other ways of acquiring cards. Think back to what we wrote in the “How Trading Works” section. Every pack of Pokémon cards is bundled with a code that can be redeemed online for virtual clones of the cards. Now consider this fact: there are few more people playing the traditional version of the card game than the online version. Many of your fellow players may be stashing valuable codes without realizing their worth. If you talk with them, they just might be willing to trade information for cards, or even just give it away.

You can also find communities outside of your immediate location — a necessity for players whose hometowns have small PTCG scenes, or none at all. Naturally, these communities exist online, and not just in the PTCGO servers, either. Reddit’s /r/ptcgo board has thousands of subscribers posting new threads every day. DuelistGroundz is a more old-school forum with a helpful beginner’s guide of their own. All of these people are players searching for discussion, just like you. Moreover, some of them are bound to want the cards in your deck and have cards that you want.

Order PTCGO Trading Card Codes Online

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