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Squishable: Micro Corgi
Squishable: Micro Corgi

Squishable: Micro Corgi

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Corgi, though royal of lineage and wiggly of hindquarters, is no mere lapdog! Nay, this noble breed has a well-honed herding instinct! It has been sharpened through centuries of ensuring the livestock of Wales don't wander off to places where they shouldn't be, like major highways and minor bakeries!These herding skills make this wee doggie a crucial travel companion! Clip him to your backpack or luggage for a reminder to stay on track! Are you easily distracted by shiny things? Corgi has your back, pushing you toward your goals! Not sure when it's time to return to the barn for the night? Corgi knows you have a busy day tomorrow! Squeeze a Corgi!

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