PTCGO Decks for Beginners: How to Build Your First PTCGO Deck

Did you know that Pokemon is considered a fictional form of insect collecting? Are you into Pokemon and looking to create your first PTCGO deck?

In this article, learn how to start your first PTCGO decks including the important cards used. Read on to discover these key strategies so you can have a strong deck. 

Deck Style

The goal is to have 60 different cards that'll work together. You'll want half of your deck to be trainer cards. They're part of training the cards you need. Ensure you have N, Shaymin-EX, or Sycamore. Try to have 6-12 energy cards. The number of energy cards you'll need varies by deck. For your Pokemon cards, pick 1 main attacker, and have 34. 

You'll then need 1-2 support Pokemon. Don't use too many Pokemon or you'll lose your consistency. If you decide to choose evolved Pokemon, you'll need their previous evolutions as well. They can take up a lot of your deck space, so try to have just 1-2 evolution chains. 

You'll want to have 16-20 Pokemon, 30 trainers, and 12 energy. If you choose basic Pokemon, you'll only have 10-14 Pokemon. Ensure you use promo codes for your PTCGO decks to make them even stronger. 

1. Discover Your Playstyle

For Pokemon TCG decks, there are 2 ways to play, fast and heavy or slow and steady. If you decide to play fast and heavy, you'll be on focusing on putting out as much damage as possible quickly. If you choose slow and steady, you'll take your time using energy removals and conditions to take down your opponent. 

2. Choose Your Pokemon

Did you know that Bubasor is the only unevolved dual-type starting Pokemon? If you're looking to be a competitive Pokemon TCG deck builder, you'll want to have a few of the main Pokemon. After you choose your main Pokemon, you'll then choose your trainer cards, your other Pokemon, and energies for those Pokemon. 

You should also have deck engine cards for draw support and used across many decks. You'll want to choose item cards such as Ultra Ball, Trainers Mail, and VS Seeker. You'll want supporting cards like N, Lysandre, or Professor Sycamore. 

3. Trainer Cards

Trainer cards are vital to your Pokemon TCG top decks so you can find the cards you need. You need to leave room in your deck for enough trainer cards. For the best Pokemon TCG decks, you'll want to include supporting Pokemon such as Tapu Lele-Gx. 

4. Testing Your Deck

When you're ready to test your Pokemon decks, you'll want to try out a few matches using your deck against other players. When the match ends, take a look at the cards in your deck. Looking at your cards, decide where you went wrong and how you can improve next time. 

After testing out your deck, you can make changes for better play. Once you edit your deck, you can test it out and see if you do better the second time around. Take a look at how often you lose or win. 

5. Go to Tournaments

Another essential way to build your Pokemon decks is to go to local tournaments. Pay attention to the cards they're using, along with any strengths and weaknesses you notice. When you build a deck, you'll want to use cards that counter the popular cards. 

Pokemon GX Cards

Pokemon GX cards are similar to EX cards but you receive 2 prize cards from your opponent when you beat them, instead of just one. You can't play upgraded forms as you can with EX cards. You have to evolve them from previous evolutions. They have unique attacks. 

They're similar to Z-moves where you can only use one GX attack per battle, that means once per battle. There are different strong GX cards you can obtain. 

Lycanroc GX

When you evolve Rockruff into Lycanrock, they'll have 3 strong attacks. Lycanfang GX does 200 damage but you have 2 get rid of 2 energy. Accelerock uses 120 damage. Crunch does 30 damage and uses 1 energy from the defending Pokemon. Crunch uses 2 energy, whereas Accelerock and Lcanfang GX use 3. 

Since Crunch uses 30 damage from your opponent, it'll slow your opponent down. You can use Accelerock to defeat an enemy in 2 hits.

Snorlax GX

Snorlax GX has no evolution required. It uses any type of energy and has 190 HP. 

He has a retreat cost of 4. His attack Pulverizing Pancake GX deals 210 damage and then Snorlax goes to sleep. Thunderous Snore only works if he's asleep. If you use it when he's asleep, it deals 180 damage. Collapse gives 80 damage and then Snorlax goes to sleep. 

If Snorlax doesn't wake up on your next turn and you have 5 energy, when Snorlax is sleeping it unlocks Thunderous Snore which deals 180 damage. 

Tapu Koko GX

This is a useful card to have in your Pokemon TCG top decks since it has a lower retreat cost and its strong abilities. Aero Trail lets you use electricity from other Pokemon. Tapu Thunder GX deals 50 damage times the number of energy connected to opposing Pokemon. Sky-High claws shock for 130 damage. 

 There's no side effect to using Sky-High claws.

Quick Tips

Remember to pick a few Pokemon that you can build your deck around. Always use trainer and Pokemon cards that compliment your main Pokemon and strategy. Know about each card and what purpose it serves in your deck. Make sure you have enough supporter cards for a consistent deck. 

Building the Best PTCGO Decks

When you're ready to build the best PTCGO decks, make sure you reference this guide. Are you ready to build a top PTCGO deck today? Check out our Pokemon TCG codes to get started and build it at an affordable rate. 

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