Best PTCG Cards for Building Your Deck, Spring 2020 Edition

Every player of Pokémon: The Trading Card Game Online wants to be the very best. In the spirit of true Pokémon trainers, they are always looking for the very best cards to fill their deck. Determining which ones are must-haves is easier said than done. There are various ways to value each card, and their value may waver as the meta evolves and mechanics receive updates.

With all that said, we have put in our best effort to list 10 of the best PTCG cards for this season. We hope that this guide gives you some great ideas for boosting your abilities.

- Counter Energy

Certain cards that were powerful against GX and EX decks wither in the face of the newer Pokémon V cards. Counter Energy is not an example. With this card, you can endow 2 energy of any kind to any Pokémon from the V era. Suddenly, weak-sauce moves may transform into options that are not only viable but destructive. You may have to rewrite your personal rules and reassess all your cards if you obtain Counter Energy for your deck.

- Blacephalon (Cosmic Eclipse)

Introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Blacephalon is part of the Ultra Beasts group and known as “The Fireworks Pokémon.” Its extradimensional nature and combustible design translate into a dynamic card from the Cosmic Eclipse line. You could create a powerhouse deck around its one move, Fireworks Bomb, capable of dealing four damage counters to an opponent. An additional rule states that pponents with exactly three Prize cards may face three times as many damage counters, making for a truly explosive attack.

- Zacian V

The advent of Pokémon V has brought quite a few rules changes with it, including some tough new turn-one restrictions. One that can be unsheathed on your first turn is Zacian, the blade-biting mascot for Pokémon Sword and counterpart to Shield’s Zamazenta. Its Intrepid Sword ability lets you attach up to three Metal Energy cards, making for a strategic and potentially decisive first move. Collections like the Sword and Shield Elite Trainer Box — Zacian can give you the best PTCG cards you need for that strategy to work.

- Charizard Braixen GX

One Pokémon may have plenty of power on its own, but two on the same card can create some devastating possibilities. That is the idea behind the Tag Team cards, such as this one featuring a modern Fire-type with a first-gen icon of the same type. Charizard Braixen GX is absurdly overpowered. One move lets you attach five Energy cards from the discard pile. The other deals 180 damage and grants you the ability to choose any three cards to move from your deck to your hand.

- Torkoal V

In the past, cards featuring Torkoal have been rather mild in their ability. The same cannot be said for Torkoal V, which depicts a steaming mad Coal Pokémon and captures that rage. Combustion Pillar can be brutal, dishing 180 damage if your deck’s first card is Fire Energy. Steam Crush can be even worse because it drains opposing Pokémon cards of two Energy. The critter may be modeled after the slow-and-steady tortoise, but playing this card could quickly result in your victory.

- Whimsicott GX

Even the best PTCG cards will likely take a beating during the game. Certain cards, like Whimsicott GX, can prolong the match by giving you chances to take zero damage. The Fluffy Cotton ability lets you flip a coin on whether any move from your opponent, however powerful, just gets shrugged off. The same card will also let you add any five cards to your hand, giving you a better chance of strategizing for the rest of the fight. On top of all that, Whimsicott can dish damage as well with Energy Blow.

- Ultra Necrozma (Cosmic Eclipse)

The Cosmic Eclipse version of Ultra Necrozma is powerful, but it comes with a catch. According to its rules, “This Pokémon can't attack unless your opponent has 2 or fewer Prize cards remaining.” It cannot really start fights, but it can certainly finish them. Once you wear down your opponent enough to meet that rule, you can rain Luster of Downfall upon them. The move removes one Energy card from your opponent’s Pokémon — after dealing a whopping 170 damage.

- Trevenant and Dusknoir GX

Another Tag Team card that can shake up a battle is the Trevenant and Dusknoir GX. Its special move, the ominously titled Pale Moon, flat-out knocks out your opponent’s Defending Pokémon. If you add one Psychic Energy card to it, you can make room for even more damage by removing every opposing Active Pokémon’s Energy cards. Night Watch, its other move, sows further chaos by dealing 150 damage and forcing your opponent to return two cards of your choice to their deck.

- Mimikyu GX

Despite the in-game lore regarding this Pikachu impersonater, fans love the misfit Mimikyu. PTCG players will love it even more for this card. If you stack damage counters onto your opponent’s Pokémon, each one will add 30 damage to its Let’s Snuggle and Fall attack. Dream Fear can present a strategical nightmare to your challenger by forcing them to toss a Benched Pokémon back into their deck. Plus, unlike the Cosmic Eclipse variant, Mimikyu GX does not need a lucky coin flip to leave an opponent Confused.

- Mewtwo and Mew GX

An alternative take on the Tag Team concept is Unified Minds, a line that pits even more powerful Pokémon together. Mewtwo and Mew GX is definitely among the best PTCG cards, not just of the line but of the entire meta (at the moment). Utilizing their Perfection move effectively lets you add another Pokémon from your bench and your discard pile. The Miraculous Duo GX ability earns its name by healing your entire line-up. The card has won tournaments, and you could be next.

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