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The Captain is Dead
The Captain is Dead

The Captain is Dead

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The Captain is Dead
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It’s the last 10 minutes of your favorite sci-fi TV show…

Except that this time things have gone seriously wrong and The Captain Is Dead!

The Captain is Dead is a frantic and fun cooperative board game that puts you and your friends in the role of crew members on a besieged starship. You must work together to repair critical systems and fend off hostile aliens, or you will share the captain’s fate. From the chief engineer, weapons officer, and visiting admiral, all the way down to the ensign and the ship’s janitor, you must combine your unique talents to avoid utter annihilation in the cold depths of space!

  • Up to 7 players
  • Tense and exciting co-operative fun!
  • 18 characters to play, each with their own strengths
  • Increasing difficulty as the game continues pushes players to work together

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