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The Grimm Masquerade
The Grimm Masquerade

The Grimm Masquerade

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The Grimm Masquerade
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All the fairy tale characters from the Grimm Forest have been invited to the Beast’s castle for a fantastic masquerade ball. But as soon as you pass through the magical gates your appearance is transformed to look exactly like another guest at the party. It seems the Beast has a game of deduction and cunning planned to make this an unforgettable evening!

Gather Artifacts each turn, gifting Artifacts to other players to force them to reveal information, and searching for 3 of your boons which will win you the round.

The more Artifacts played, the more Evidence will be gathered, ruling out possibilities of who is who. Watch the other players closely so you can Point the Finger and Unmask their true identity.


Use all of your skills of observation, deduction, and bluffing to be the last player in a mask and win the Beast’s Rose Trophy!

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