Pokémon Cosmic Eclipse: 5 of the Line’s Best Cards

Pokémon Sun & Moon attracted many new fans and reignited the interest of old ones. Part of the appeal came from the change in locale, taking the action to a tropical island with unique themed variants of older-generation favorites. Part of it came from being released after the massive popularity of Pokémon Go. Whatever the reasons, the success trickled down to the trading card game as well.

In fact, the Pokémon Sun & Moon line proved so popular that more cards were developed and released. They called the expansionCosmic Eclipse — evoking the meeting of both celestial bodies in the sky, and the event’s overwhelming astronomical and astrological significance. The expansion was an event in itself, with 230 new cards rolling out. 

If you are eager to dominate the PTCGO playing field, you need the right Pokémon Cosmic Eclipse cards in your deck. We can advise you on what we would consider the top five from the series.


We would be remiss not to mention the Cosmic Eclipse line’s Blacephalon card. After all, we previously praised it in our article about the 10 best PTCG cards for Spring 2020. According to in-game lore, Blacephalon is an Ultra Beast — an elite class of extradimensional beings introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Along with legitimately Lovecraftian entities like Guzzlord and Celesteela, it emerged in the Pokémon world through wormholes from “Ultra Space.”

All of these Pokémon have phenomenal powers, making them stand-outs as Cosmic Eclipse cards. Even in this pantheon, Blacephalon distinguishes itself with the Fireworks Bomb, which can burden your foes with four damage counters. You may want to save this move for when they have exactly three Prize cards, because under that condition, the number of damage counters rockets up to 12. The card only features the one ability, but really, how much more could you want from “The Fireworks Pokémon?”

Ultra Necrozma

Ultra Necrozma was another card we lauded as among the best PTCG cards of the season, and one based on a rather interesting Pokémon. Necrozma, Generation VII’s “Prism Pokémon, is one of few capable of creating the wormholes that summon Blacephalon and other Ultra Beasts. It can take on two other forms, which serve as the mascots of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. When either form uses Ultra Burst, it reveals its true form: Ultra Necrozma, which Bulbapedia describes as “a colossal dragon of pure light energy.”

In Cosmic Eclipse, Ultra Necrozma is what you pull out to absorb the light from your challenger’s eyes near the end of the match. When they only have one or two Prize cards left, you can unleash Luster of Downfall. This attack drains them of one energy card from one of their Active Pokémon, as well as 170 HP. It is not a card to be trifled with. 

Tag Call

One reason for why fans rejoiced over Cosmic Eclipse is the introduction of nine brand-new Tag Team cards. These cards depict two Pokémon joining forces, and their overpowered moves deliver on that potential. Any PTCGO players who hunger for victory may want to stock up on cards of this type. Otherwise, savvier opponents may break out their own and strike without mercy. Even when you have Tag Team cards in your deck, however, you may have a hard time waiting for them to become available.

Instead of biding your time and struggling to survive, you can use Tag Call to your advantage. As the rare Item card’s name implies, it allows you to bring Tag Team cards from your deck to your hand. Note that we said cards — you would be able to summon not one but two of those heavy-hitters. This terrific Tag Team twofer can turn the tide in any tussle.

Mega Lopunny Jigglypuff GX

While we are on the subject of the Tag Team card, Mega Lopunny Jigglypuff GX is one of the best in the game. Macho players dismiss the cutesy Pokémon choices and adorable portraits at their own peril. This ultra-rare card boasts 240 HP and a pair of moves that can swipe opponents off their feet.

Pokémon cards of the GX and EX type are popular because of their special moves, but having too many can also be a weakness. Jumping Balloon proves this by dealing 60 damage to all Pokémon in play and snatching an extra 60 HP from all GX and EX cards. Then there is its own GX special ability, Puffy Smashers. When used normally, it puts an opponent’s Pokémon to sleep. When you attach four extra Energy cards, it deals 200 damage — to a benched Pokémon.

Arceus Dialga Palkia GX

Arceus is the creation god of the Pokémon universe, and Dialga and Palkia are the deities that respectively hold dominion over time and space. That is why they adorn the art and card sleeves in the Cosmic Eclipse Elite Trainer Box. The three of them working together in a battle makes for a truly epic card. This is one combination that should not be missed. It may be hard to find, and its moves use lots of energy, but it is worth the search.

For starters, the card has 280 HP. Even the most devastating moves in the game will not be enough to keep it from causing some serious damage. Next, its Ultimate Ray move causes an astonishing 150 damage and lets you add three Energy cards to your Pokémon. Finally, its signature GX move is so powerful that the official Cosmic Eclipse website advises it as a central part of your strategy. By activating that ability, these gods bless every single Pokémon you use in the rest of the match with a boost in damage dealt.

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